Security for Any Python Application

Yosai is a security framework written in Python that is based on Apache Shiro: a trusted, widely-adopted technology used by the java community.

Extensive Security for Python Applications


The process of verifying identity: proving that a user is who "IT" claims to be

This example illustrates how to verify a user's identity using password-based authentication


The rules and mechanisms governing a user's access to sensitive data and interactions in a system

This example illustrates two styles of enabling authorization:

  • An in-line, imperative style
  • A decorated, declarative style

Session Management

Manages a user's state in a system, across requests

This example illustrates how you'd use server-side sessions

Easy to Use and Integrate

An Intuitive API

Secure applications without burdensome detail


Integrates with Any Python Application

Other Key Features

Enables Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies

Two-Factor Authentication Using Time-based One-Time Passwords

A complete audit trail of all user interactions

Native support for caching, including serialization

Get started quickly by using integration libraries already available

"Run As" admin tool facilitates debugging through user impersonation